Let’s call it “The Eastlynn Society House”

On December 2, 2010 The Eastlynn Society purchased a home on Linwood Boulevard.  Currently the house is vacant and exposed to vandalism and deterioration. Each day this once-beautiful three-story boulevard home reflects the current hopelessness surrounding it. The Eastlynn Society plans to do something about the neighborhood.  And Eastlynn plans to confront the ignorance and complacency of surrounding suburbia.  

We will ask those who are well-off to participate with those in Kansas City's oppressed urban core.  We plan to rebuild this home and move in.  Partnering with The Hope Center across the street, Eastlynn will "repurpose" the home for owner occupancy.  Eastlynn, as owner, will have someone from Eastlynn living there as soon as the repurposing project is completed.  Our specific area of interest is revitalizing housing in the neighborhood... homeownership, financing, home remodeling and upkeep, etc.  

We can do something. We must do something. This is our moment to take ownership. In addition to your financial gift, we need your future commitment to help renovate and maintain Eastlynn. Will you help?