Listen to a short audio presentation of what the Eastlynn House is all about... 

About Eastlynn

There are those who want to follow Jesus, and those who must.

Over the coming months and years we will invest the hard labor of love required to remake Eastlynn available for a variety of needs.  We hope to give the house back to THE HOPE CENTER as a resource for students.  But there is another use of the Eastlynn House, the spiritual usage.  

We envision a single-family dwelling for critical staff in the neighborhood, in conjunction with The Hope Center.

Why? Why do all this difficult, risky investment and labor?  Because Jesus tells his followers ‘that when you serve the least of these, you serve me.’ (Matthew chapter 25.40) Those who are well off serve Christ when they come alongside those who are not well off.  More than just “helping” the urban poor, we need to get to know them, to own their problems. Best of all, we are confident our lives will be enriched and blessed by giving to a cause so close to Jesus’ heart.

In a day and age when many secular people carry negative opinions of Christians, the best answer we can give comes from St. Francis of Assisi...

“Preach the gospel at all times.  And if absolutely necessary, use words.”

Contact: Rev. Dan Wilburn
Email:  danw.lakeland@gmail.com